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priorities assessment

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We combine powerful insights from the fields of financial science and the Science of Happiness to help clients maximize their chances of living a life in harmony with what they value most.


Our wealth management process helps people more effectively align their primary resources (money, time, energy) with their top priorities (family, fulfillment, happiness).


With that as a backdrop, we are able to provide clients with a strategic advantage as they navigate a lifetime of important decisions.


Life Strategy by TCI is part of TCI Wealth Advisors, an independent Registered Investment Advisor founded in 1990. We work with more than 1500 clients located throughout the United States, managing more than $1.9 billion of client assets.

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  • Investment Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Insurance Planning
  • Real Estate Investment Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Management
  • Career Transition Planning
  • Retirement Planning









Our low-cost, long-term, and globally diversified portfolio solutions are designed to maximize your chances of a successful investment experience.


The video on the right explains our evidence-based approach to investing, which is built upon Nobel Prize-winning academic research.


We do not believe in picking stocks or timing markets.


To learn more about the investments we use to implement our portfolio solutions, feel free to visit Dimensional Fund Advisors.




What are my family’s top priorities?
What is my vision for my family’s future?
How well are we tracking towards our objectives?
Is my life aligned with my values and goals?
What is the best investment strategy given my objectives?
How much should I save each year?
Could I afford to change careers or stop working?
Do I need to worry about my finances?


Our five-step process provides a clear roadmap as we work together to clarify your priorities and develop a strategy that best aligns your financial plan with your life goals.

Step 1:

Priorities Assessment. You’ll first complete our proprietary Priorities Assessment tool to better clarify your priorities, goals, values, and most important relationships.

Step 2:

Discovery Meeting. You and your advisor will talk through the results of your assessment, discuss your current financial situation, and begin building the foundation of your financial plan.

Step 3:

Strategy Meeting. Given your priorities and financial situation, we’ll quantify how you're tracking towards your financial goals, discuss the key levers that impact your chances of success, and recommend an investment strategy to meet your specific needs.

Step 4:

Mutual Commitment Meeting. If you and your advisor decide to move forward and work together, we will set up a time to complete the necessary paperwork.

Step 5:

Regular meetings. We’re available to you any time we can ever be helpful, but we’ll meet formally twice a year to review your progress towards your goals, and discuss any recent changes to your situation.

priorities assessment
Clarify your priorities in 10 minutes with this free tool.   Gain valuable insights into your financial priorities, feelings about money, and time allocation preferences.
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Wealth Advisor & Partner

Marc Campbell, CFP®, MBA

Marc heads up TCI’s Life Strategy practice. His strong passion for helping people lead even happier and more fulfilled lives, coupled with TCI’s time-tested and fully transparent wealth management offering provided the perfect backdrop for this unique financial advisory practice.

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Melissa Klemp, RP®

Melissa is an Associate with TCI and has been with the firm for seven years. She received her Registered Paraplanner designation in 2014. When she isn’t helping clients, Melissa is most likely riding Eddie, her 13-year-old quarter horse, getting ready for her next barrel race competition.

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Jennifer Means, RP®

Jennifer joined TCI in 2013 as a Paraplanner and has six years of experience in the financial industry. Jennifer received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in finance and a minor in accounting from the University of Nevada, Reno.

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Support Associate

Katie Sweet

Katie joined TCI in 2015 and is a Support Associate, helping organize and prepare items for client meetings. In addition, Katie helps with TCI’s marketing efforts. Katie is passionate about helping people become aware of the importance of financial planning early on in their lives.

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How do I know if I’m a good match for the Life Strategy program?

The most common attribute of our Life Strategy clients is that our approach to wealth management truly resonates with them.  Beyond that, although we have a very diverse group of clients, other common characteristics include:


  • You don’t believe in picking stocks or timing markets
  • You’re committed to living a life in harmony with your values and goals
  • You have a strong desire for balance, happiness, and fulfillment
  • Personal growth and development is important to you

What is the minimum account size?

The account minimum for the Life Strategy program is $500,000 in liquid assets.  This includes your cash, savings, and investment accounts, but excludes the equity in your home.


That said, in some situations we make exceptions.  If the Life Strategy approach to wealth management resonates with you, please feel free to reach out regardless of your total assets.  Even if we don’t end up working together, we’ll do our best to help connect you with an advisor that will best meet your needs.

What are your fees?

We are fee-only financial advisors.  Our annual fee schedule is as follows:


  • The first $2 million = 1.00%
  • The next $3 million = 0.75%
  • Over $5 million = 0.50%


TCI does not charge any fees or receive any commissions or compensation of any kind beyond our annual fee, as described above.


Please note that the Custodian used to hold your assets may charge fees for certain transactions, such as making trades in your account(s).

How do I get started?

There are three ways to get started:


Option 1: Complete our free Priorities Assessment


Option 2: Call us at 310-319-6545


Option 3: Fill out our Contact Form 

Where are you located?

TCI Wealth Advisors works with clients all over the country and has 7 offices in Santa Monica, Tucson, Scottsdale, Reno, Santa Fe, Denver, and Flagstaff.  Our Life Strategy offering is based out of our Santa Monica office.

When we have meetings, will they be virtual or in person?

If you live near one of our 7 offices (Santa Monica, Tucson, Phoenix, Reno, Santa Fe, Denver, Flagstaff) we can do it either way, whatever is best for you.  For clients located in other parts of the country, our meetings will be virtual.


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